Attention Aurora ESV Resellers and Installers!

We now offer a new key generator system that allows you to generate and log all keys that are generated here. All of our current licensed resellers are already in the system with their original log-ins from our previous generic key generator. Their is a new terms of use of the script and the use of our key generator. Please read it carefully when joining.

How it works

When you join, it will ask for a $125 payment You will get 100 ESV1 keys 50 ESV2 keys and 5 ESV3 keys It costs $2 for every additional ESV1 key credit, $5 for every additional ESV2 key credit, and $10 for every additional ESV3 key credit there after. You will be able to redeem that key credit in the key generator by typing the domain for the key you wish to generate. It will save the domain and encrypted license key code in your members area.


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